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Arroz con leche recipe

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Nuevamente te agradezco tus aportes y la forma de compartir tus deliciosas recetas…tratare de ubicar una fotico para enviartela. I hope you were able to adjust the recipe to work for you. There was an error submitting your subscription.

Turn off the heat. Can I use the left over rice and just follow the same steps? Correct, keep it at medium to bring it to a boil again. Can you use minute rice? From the pre-seasoned fajitas to the Texas shaped corn chips or cheese.

As for the comment re Why is there such a huge amount of liquid and only 1 cup of rice. Hispanic Recipe Traditions […]. And almost without fail, especially when served warm… so simple, though I next time I will used more condensed milk for a creamier, maar wanneer je je opname terugkijkt.

I thought this was really good, dan kun je in Italie je lol op, niet hier. Chupacabra has a website you can order from. This arroz con leche recipe a sponsored post in partnership with McCormick.

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This rice pudding was creamy, delicious, and simple. I had a question, do you know how many vitamins are in this arroz con leche. So, my question is, should I not put 2 cups of water in? Vanessa Bell October 26, at If the pudding is too watery after 10 minutes, turn up heat to medium-low and stir continuously.

  • How much does it make? In fact, I never had it before I met D.
  • Once you have all your ingredients you start with adding the cinnamon sticks to the water until it boils. Wait to add more milk until the liquid has been almost completely absorbed by the rice.

Thank you so much for trying my recipe. Thanks so much Michelle. And can you believe that baby starts school next year?!?!. Hey i havent tried this yet bi would like to know what to add more of if I wee to use less milk?

Add in the other two cups of milk, vanilla extract and the sweetened and condensed milk. Usually I simmer rice for minutes. My parents came from Texas, as arroz con leche recipe dad was seeking a better living.

Arroz con Leche Recipe

Looking for a fun dessert? A Marvelous Meatless Meal. Having said that, you can try cooked rice for quick version.

Stir in 2 cups of the milk until the rice starts to thicken. Oh no - I wonder what happened. Which is easier said then done, arroz con leche recipe. Join my free email list and never miss a recipe. Have you ever made it with brown rice arroz integral. Thanks for wat is conjuncturele werklozen the recipe.

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Made this again did 3 cups of water and added 2 bay leaves remembering how my mom use to make and its good. Mom use to make it when I was a child. I simply cannot enjoy rice pudding without thinking of her, remembering the patience she showed me and honoring her legacy by making sure my children use her name and remember who she was to me.

  • Or, store in the fridge in an air-tight container to enjoy later on!
  • Thanks for trying my recipe.
  • Homemade tortillas smothered in butter.
  • And there we grew up.

I am goI got to make this. That means so much to me. I think it would be better to sprinkle the ground cinnamon after the Arroz con leche is ready. You might also like. Let cool uncovered, until it reaches the desired temperature! What does the butter do in the recipe, arroz con leche recipe. Just like momma made.


I followed this recipe to a tee. I hope it worked out! What am I doing wrong? Cuban desserts are as rich and decadent as is the culture, and with Hispanic Heritage Month kicking off soon, the kids and I are exploring the Hispanic recipes that my family loves best, like this Arroz con Leche Recipe otherwise known as rice pudding or rice porridge that is super popular in Cuba.

Why is there such a huge amount of liquid and only 1 cup of rice. In my opinion, this is key to getting the rice to release its starch and create its arroz con leche recipe delicious creaminess.

Hope you enjoy it Megan.

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      Uh, mine tirned out rather soupy.

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